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Getting Unstuck… in Life and Relationships

Debbie Holcomb and Linda Tonnesen are certified Shadow Work® Facilitators, Coaches, Couples Coaches and Trainers for the Basic and Advanced Shadow Work® Facilitation courses. They have been partners in their business, Gracing Experience since 2001.

Linda has a Bachelors degree in Education. From 1988-2001 she partnered with her husband in their real estate development business. In 2001, she started Gracing Experience, and now works full time with Debbie Holcomb. She is the mother of 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren, and has been married for 32 years. Her array of life experiences, both painful and joyful, enables her to offer hope and healing. She lives in Lighthouse Point, Florida.

Debbie’s knowledge of the Shadow Work® tools, combined with her life experience, bring wisdom and insight into relational issues. She was married for 30 years, and is now divorced. She is the mother of 5 children. Using her knowledge and wisdom, she offers understanding and insight into relational and personal life issues. She lives in Rockford, IL.

Debbie and Linda are co-founders of Women Revealed, a not for profit organization created for women of faith to find healing and freedom. Each year, they offer several initiation and second level weekends in Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas.

If you need to get “unstuck” don’t hesitate call us today at 815-608-5514 or 815-540-4586.

Spiritual Growth Facilitator - Loves Park, IL - Gracing Experience	Spiritual Growth Facilitator - Loves Park, IL - Gracing Experience