Loves Park, IL Spiritual Growth Facilitators

Gracing Experience

Getting Unstuck . . .in life and relationships
Many times we know the right answer to our problems. We know what we should do; yet we keep finding ourselves stuck. We continue to do what we don’t want to do.

At Gracing Experience, we will teach you how to use your emotions as navigational tools for your life. We use several approaches, including Shadow Work®, which is an experiential process that has proven effective in helping people get “unstuck” from persistently painful patterns in their life.

Finding the underlying emotional issues and becoming aware of what’s going on at a deeper level, can empower you to get change in your life. You will be free to respond rather than react. Living life “on purpose” allows you to find joy as you discover who you were created to be.

What can I expect?
Each session is two hours, and scheduled by appointment only. We will start by discussing what you want to have happen. Though we don’t know the answers for your life, we do know how to help and support you as you find the answers for yourself. You will leave the session with understanding and freedom to make choices for your life… rather than life making choices for you!

Emotional Growth Facilitator - Loves Park, IL - Gracing Experience
Emotional Growth Facilitator - Loves Park, IL - Gracing Experience